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Cailin Hillier

Cailin is an enthusiastic problem solver with a relentless bias for action and passion for driving meaningful impact. With degrees in engineering, science, and business, she is an experienced facilitator able to communicate effectively across disciplines.

Through her work as Founder of Hillier Culture Studio, Cailin has designed and developed corporate leadership workshops, created culture operating systems for early-stage startup teams, and has leveraged human-centered design methodologies to inform the creation of CultureInsights, an organization health assessment for companies preparing to grow their teams and seek investment.

Before starting her own business, Cailin worked as Venture and Course Manager at the Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto, one of Canada’s foremost startup accelerator programs, as well as supporting the launch and scaling of the Canadian Municipal Water Consortium out of the Canadian Water Network. Upon completion of her MBA, Cailin received the University of Toronto’s highest leadership award, the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award.


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