The Watershed: a Water-Themed Docudrama

At the end of August, I was very fortunate to see the workshop version of a new play coming to Toronto in 2015. Titled “The Watershed,” this docudrama was commissioned as a featured piece for the Pan Am Games, taking place in the city next summer. Its content is focused on the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) andContinue reading “The Watershed: a Water-Themed Docudrama”

Creatures of the Gyre! Night\Shift Festival Updates

We are working on a water- and environment-themed art installation for the second annual Night\Shift, downtown Kitchener’s one-night-only festival of art, culture, community building, and nocturnal adventure. It is being organized by the Alternatives Journal and will be taking place on Saturday, November 1st throughout the downtown core of the city. You can read more about the festival here. Our exhibitContinue reading “Creatures of the Gyre! Night\Shift Festival Updates”

Thesis Done! I now have my Master’s of Science in Hydrogeology

The research objective of my thesis was to evaluate the utility of a broad range of field site characterization techniques designed to assess the vulnerability of public supply wells to water quality impacts from surface contamination. Specific attention was paid to determining which data is most useful to collect to evaluate well vulnerability, to finding connections between differentContinue reading “Thesis Done! I now have my Master’s of Science in Hydrogeology”