Communities of Millennials Driving Change

Rituals. Reciprocity. Gratitude. Diversity. Inclusion. Respect. Teams. Time. CommUNITY!  I have just completed week one of orientation at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, where I will be spending the next two years completing their full-time MBA program. I am already blown away by the amount I have learned, the abundance of resourcesContinue reading “Communities of Millennials Driving Change”

Blue Cities 2016: Thoughts on municipal water resiliency and the conference planning process Last month, Canadian Water Network held the inaugural Canadian Municipal Water Consortium conference, Blue Cities 2016, in Toronto. Over the last year, I was fortunate to support the planning of this conference alongside my amazing coworkers and in collaboration with a myriad of remarkable speakers. This post will serve to act as a highlight reel of myContinue reading “Blue Cities 2016: Thoughts on municipal water resiliency and the conference planning process”

Water Waves: Finding your own creative process

This past week Canadian Water Network’s Students and Young Professionals Committee members from the Waterloo area, Nicole McLellan, Corey Wells, and Matt Miller, put together an amazing event! Water Waves was a blue drinks for the ages! They pulled together a group of wonderful speakers (I’m saying that even though I’m listed and trying not toContinue reading “Water Waves: Finding your own creative process”

A Year in Review: The ups and downs of 2015

Well, here goes my long over due post that I will strategically disguise as a contemplative year in review. A lot has happened in my little corner of the water world since June so I will attempt to reflect and share my thoughts on everything that has gone on. For the sake of some semblanceContinue reading “A Year in Review: The ups and downs of 2015”

Lessons in Creativity: Waterlution’s Transformative Leaders of the Future Program

I am extremely fortunate to have been part of Waterlution’s Transformative Leaders of the Future program. Between September 2014 and June 2015, I was part of the Region of Waterloo TLF team, one of ten groups across the country, including Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Durham, Toronto, Guelph, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. The TLF program focuses on developing skills andContinue reading “Lessons in Creativity: Waterlution’s Transformative Leaders of the Future Program”

Spring Reflections on a Busy and Remarkable Six Months

This post to intended to be a happy 2015 one, then a happy World Water Day / Canada Water Week post, and then an Earth Day post. But as you can see, time has gotten away from me and lots of things have happened, accumulating over time to make this a more and more daunting task. ButContinue reading “Spring Reflections on a Busy and Remarkable Six Months”

Creatures of the Gyre take over City Hall

Let me start by saying yes, yes I know, this is long overdue but the post you have been waiting for is finally here! Over the last 10 months, I worked on a project that seemed kind of crazy and far fetched. The project was to collect, transport, de-label, wash, sort, count, design, attach, light,Continue reading “Creatures of the Gyre take over City Hall”

Waves and thoughts on the Blue Dot Tour

The last month and a half has arguably been the most transitional time in my life — more so than leaving home for university, and certainly more so than the ultra-small lull period I had between finishing my undergrad and commencing my master’s research all under the same institutional umbrella that is UW. This hasContinue reading “Waves and thoughts on the Blue Dot Tour”

The Watershed: a Water-Themed Docudrama

At the end of August, I was very fortunate to see the workshop version of a new play coming to Toronto in 2015. Titled “The Watershed,” this docudrama was commissioned as a featured piece for the Pan Am Games, taking place in the city next summer. Its content is focused on the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) andContinue reading “The Watershed: a Water-Themed Docudrama”