General water-related life update!

Here is a mishmash of things worthy of posting, in a somewhat chronological order. On my birthday, I was extremely lucky to get a cake of the Earth! Thank you so much Peter, for your superior baking stylings! I also took some photos of the ridiculous ice storm of 2013. These are actually from ChristmasContinue reading “General water-related life update!”

CWN Students and Young Professionals Committee

Over the Christmas break, I applied to be part of the Canadian Water Network Students and Young Professionals Committee (CWN SYPC). As part of the application, we had to make a 30 second video explaining why we would be a good candidate for the position. Having attempted this, I now know how quickly 30 secondsContinue reading “CWN Students and Young Professionals Committee”


I have become aware of and increasingly involved with Waterlution over the past 8 months. Waterlution, a Canadian organization that builds awareness and encourages cross-sector collaboration promoting more holistic, sustainable practices and polices around water. Back in September, I was extremely fortunate to attend the Waterlution Innovation Lab. This week-long excursion included a pre-lab workshop where we touredContinue reading “Waterlution!”