CWN Students and Young Professionals Committee

Over the Christmas break, I applied to be part of the Canadian Water Network Students and Young Professionals Committee (CWN SYPC). As part of the application, we had to make a 30 second video explaining why we would be a good candidate for the position. Having attempted this, I now know how quickly 30 seconds go by when you are trying to say important things. I have included my video here for your amusement:

Several weeks later, I learned that I have the chance to be part of this amazing group! I was beyond thrilled. The CWN SYPC hold amazing workshops, host Blue Drinks across the country, and run virtual events with exciting speakers from the water world. Over the past year, the SYPC workshops included a “Policy and Water: Ideas to Implementation” in Ottawa, Media and Communications “Pass the Mic” in both the Atlantic and Pacific Regions, “Value of Water” in London, “Arctic Water Challenges and Opportunities” in Iqaluit, and more!

I am looking forward to the next 18-month term as President of the SYPC. Check out our entire committee here:

At our retreat this past weekend in Toronto, I have the opportunity to meet these amazing people. We had time to idea share, plan, and have far too much fun. We were also lucky to have Jode Roberts come to speak with our group about the amazing Homegrown National Park Project as part of the David Suzuki Foundation. If you are in Toronto, I encourage you to look up this en devour to bring nature to an urban centre. I love the way community can come together to create such beauty!


In the past, the SYPC themes have been Leadership and Communication. Our new theme is Connection. This can take on many meanings, from networking and collaboration, to knowledge mobilization and interdisciplinary water solutions. I cannot wait to see what we come up with! To learn more about the CWN SYPC, check out our webpage and subscribe to our mailing list here: or look for us on Twitter under the #CWNSYPC.



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