General water-related life update!

Here is a mishmash of things worthy of posting, in a somewhat chronological order.

On my birthday, I was extremely lucky to get a cake of the Earth! Thank you so much Peter, for your superior baking stylings!


I also took some photos of the ridiculous ice storm of 2013. These are actually from Christmas day:

Ice Sunrise

2013-12-24 08.44.36_a

One last thing cool thing that I urge anyone interest in water to check out is Watermark, a film by Edward Burtynsky. This Canadian photographer has compelled millions of people to reconsider the impacts of industry and to appreciate the simple beauty of nature. You can watch the trailer here:

And learn more about his project here:

Now I should get back to my thesis writing. Hopefully I will have a very excited “first draft completed!” post to share in the coming week.


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