CultureInsights Tool

Scaling the culture you love


Why CultureInsights?

CultureInsights provides startups and scale-ups with actionable insights into their Culture and Team, enabling leaders to:

  1. Highlight strategic advantages to investors who increasingly focus on Return on Culture

  2. Retain elements that are functioning optimally and leverage that to attract top talent

  3. Identify areas to improve before minor red flags turn into damaging habits and team breakdown

Why we do this work

We are striving to make the VC process more transparent, value-based, informed, and equitable.

Is this for me & my team?

Our tool is ideal for teams ranging from 5 to 50 employees. To be successfully deployed, we require leadership be committed to the process. For this reason, we suggest having a clear sense of product-market fit before embarking on this work.

Best timing?

We offer maximum value to teams preparing to raise their next round or are getting ready to scale.

As a rule, it is easier and more cost effective to be proactive about culture while still nimble.

What can I expect?

We marry research with practical application, utilizing design thinking to leverage qualitative and quantitative data and provide output tailored to each venture this is proven to enable immediate action.

Tool outputs

  • Model of your current culture profile

  • Compatibility analysis between strategy & culture

  • Investability scores informed by top VC metrics

  • Highlight strengths and areas most in need of improvement, with indication of culture change management capability


It will have a positive influence on our corporate culture now and in the future.

— Terry Kell, CEO of AgileIS



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