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January 2021: Combatting the Winter Blues Together

It is no surprise that this time of year is challenging for many. And yet, every time we approach a new February, I find myself ill-prepared to identify and manage my lack of energy and motivation. It catches me off guard and I keep asking — what’s wrong with me? Why am I such a lazy person? Is this forever? In this issue, we’re addressing these blues head on and together, with ideas on:

1. Finding sources of inspiration and celebrating small wins
2. Practicing resilience and self-compassion
3. Reframing our resolutions

Until the sun returns, remember that we are all in this together. Read it in full here.

December 2020: Overcome Perfectionism and
Welcome Mistakes into your Life and Work

I’m not quite sure how it’s happened, but December is upon us. With no November newsletter in sight! I have broken the six-month streak. And that’s ok! You probably didn’t even notice. The sky didn’t fall! That’s why for this final issue of 2020, we’re taking a look at perfectionism:

1. Who is most likely to be impacted by perfectionism and why?
2. How we can channel unapologetic ambition and resilience instead? and
2. Some examples of vulnerable storytelling that might help us to normalize imperfection

Let’s put that dreaded typo in perspective, shall we? Read it in full here.

October 2020: Dream, Map, Act to Your Desired Future

We could all use some inspiration and hope now and again. Maybe especially now, though? As we close out October, we want to urge you to get intentional about inspiring yourself and those around you. Utilizing familiar business techniques, we’ve charted a path for dreaming, mapping, and acting your way towards a desired future state. Our hope is that you embrace the visionary within and find both comfort and motivation to lead boldly into the future with:

1. Ideas and resources on future thinking and change management
2. Inspiration from philosophies and visionary leaders who inspire us continually
3. Shout outs to female entrepreneurs making their communities and the world a better place

Read it in full here.

September 2020: Revering and Wielding Recognition

It can be difficult to tease apart the interwoven topics of appreciation, recognition, gratitude, self-compassion, accountability, and intrinsic motivation as many of us continue to meld our home and work lives. For September, we’ve considered these ideas from the perspective of leaders, as it applies to peers, and for ourselves, with resources on best practices and new ideas regarding:

1. How to frame recognition and appreciation as a leader and peer,
2. How to cultivate intrinsic motivation and self-compassion, and
3. What a new vision for accountability might look like

Read it in full here.

August 2020: How to Practice Bravery in the Workplace

Even from home, we can experience burnout and be subject to workplace toxicity. In our August issue, we show you how to practice bravery in the workplace with resources on:

1. How to identify issues, build a case, and communicate bravely
2. What it takes to recover from workplace harassment
3. How to be an active ally to combat discrimination and unethical behaviour
4. What leaders can do to address toxicity and champion sustained change

Read it in full here.

July 2020: Reflection & Intention for
the 2020 Halfway Point

While it is hard to believe it’s already July and despite all of the tragedy, change and uncertainty we have seen over the last six months, we believe 2020 holds a great deal of promise. This newsletter aims to implore you to make the world a more sustainable and equitable place:
1. Use our reflection template to seize the malleability of this time and get intentional about change
2. Learn how you can dismantle ‘culture fit’ at your organization
3. Access resources that remind us to respect the emotions of colleagues and ourselves at work

Read it in full here.

June 2020: Black Lives Matter

In an effort to use every platform we have to amplify the message of the racial justice movement, this newsletter shares resources with the aim of inspiring sustained action against racism, including:
1. Individual-level action to educate oneself, listen actively, contribute and use your voice
2. Business-level action for senior leaders, EDI (equity diversity and inclusion), and HR management
3. Our founder’s commitment to the anti-racism movement

Read it in full here.

May 2020: A Yearlong Burnout Recovery Project

For our first newsletter, in honour of Mental Health Awareness Month, our founder shares her burnout recovery story and links to resources on:
1. Reframing our relationship with work, productivity, and life
2. Addressing mental health in the workplace
3. Reckoning with COVID-19 feelings and finding reasons to celebrate

Read it in full here.

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