Program Coordinator, Canadian Municipal Water Consortium, Canadian Water Network, December 2015 – July 2016

  • Undertake communication and engagement with the Consortium Leadership Group and Consortium Partners, including research updates and development of specific activities and networking meetings
  • Identify and develop opportunities to showcase end-user relevant research for the partners by extracting relevant knowledge from research
  • Support communication of research findings through development and review of plain language reports, synthesizing research outcomes and impacts, and facilitating webinars and workshops
  • Support the design and implementation of meetings, workshops and conferences
  • Coordinate Consortium partnership and membership development, identify partnership and membership opportunities, and conduct outreach for Municipal Programs
  • Support the coordination and management of research projects, including research competitions, expert reviews, project team meetings, and the coordination of meetings of Advisory Committees, Working Groups, and Expert Review Panels

Project Officer, Canadian Municipal Water Consortium, Canadian Water Network, November 2014 – December 2015

  • Support the development and management of CWN research projects including meetings of the Canadian Municipal Water Consortium Management Committee, Advisory Committees, and Expert Review Panels
  • Act as a point of contact for partner and researcher communications to ensure that cutting edge research is reaching the end user community
  • Systematically track and organize project‐related information on achievements, outcomes and impact to support project reviews, reporting requirements, development of communications products, and broader program and organizational evaluations

Researcher, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo,  May 2012 – August 2014

  • Perform  field work, data analysis, and compile data and literature in the area of physical and chemical hydrogeology under the supervision of Dr. David Rudolph
  • Relevant Assignment: Operations Technologist for Alder Creek Watershed Project
  • Responsible for the project management and purchasing of equipment for the subproject, as part of the Southern Ontario Water Consortium initiative

Geological Engineer-in-Training, AMEC Earth & Environmental, Mississauga, Ontario, May – August 2011

  • Conducted open pit mine expansion feasibility to predict acid rock drainage potential
  • Completed site selection for tailings and waste rock dumps for mine planning purposes
  • Relevant Assignment: Integrated Water Management Study for Open Pit Mine
  • Field study and detailed water balance conducted to determine mine expansion feasibility given existing catchment pond facilities

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Faculty of Engineering, University of Waterloo, January – May 2011

  • Performed hydraulics and river design research for a storm water management project in lab and field settings under the supervision of Dr. W. K. Annable

Geotechnical Engineer-in-Training, Golder Associates, Mississauga, Ontario, January – May 2010

  • Generated bedrock and overburden models using Rocscience and Datamine software for slope stability analyses and open pit feasibility
  • Conducted water sampling and field testing at decommisioned mine sites
  • Relevant Assignment: Completion of Open Pit Mine Closure Plan Technical Proposal
  • Documents the selection of  a water treatment method to improve water quality of a pit lake, including groundwater modelling and geochemical investigation

 Digital Computation Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Engineering, University of Waterloo, January – August 2009

  • Obtained teaching and leadership skills while working in programming labs, answering questions related to logic problems, organization, and clear communication methods

Grade Control Geologist-in-Training, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador, September – December 2008

  • Developed technical and field skills while completing grade control, blast hole sampling, and geologic mapping for development blasts and exploration sites
  • Used Vulcan software for grade control and block modelling; Acquire database experience
  • Relevant Assignment:  Standard Operating Procedure for Blast Hole Sampling
  • Explains the importance of rock identification and blast hole sampling for updating mine block models and grade control purposes

 Environmental Technician, Terraprobe Limited, Brampton, Ontario, January – May 2008

  • Acquired field skills, including proficiency with drilling supervision, core logging, water and soil sampling, and pump test procedure
  • Relevant Assignment:  Groundwater Contamination Investigation
  • Documents the testing of the integrity of an environmental slurry barrier and the results of a groundwater monitoring program and pump testing

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