Field Season Underway

Summer field season is upon us! Although the weather has been rather erratic over the last few weeks, it has been great to get outside. We have an excellent team of undergrad co-op students working with us this term. They are each looking at a different topic throughout the watershed, which we will be piecing together as part of my research. This includes stream flow gauging, temperature profiling below the creek bed, and analyzing water quality through sampling and the use of a sonde.

Here is our team at the first stop we made this week, toward the south end of the watershed. We were able to find a reasonably laminar spot to set up our transect.


Our next stop was really beautiful. This was at the back of a lovely farm property. The sun shining, horses grazing, and birds singing made this a great spot for some water research.


The next day we headed out again. Not as sunny, and it actually started to rain on us later, but we discovered some amazing hidden spots along our trek up and down the creek.


So serene, we were even able to ignore the mosquitoes.


Later on in the day, we started to get tired legs from all the stream hiking in our stylish hip waders. There were some rather deep locations in the creek with very soft sediments along the banks… that unfortunately lead to some muddy clothes. But overall we had a great time out there, finding five rather ideal locations to visit over the summer.



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