SOWC Media Spotlight

The Globe and Mail recently expressed interest in the Southern Ontario Water Consortium and the IMB ‘Smart’ data management platform being developed. As part of their story, they chose to interview our research team, which is part of the SOWC Watershed Node. An interviewer and a videographer met with our team in the lab and out at one of our field sites. They put together a short video explaining our field site, which has now been posted on YouTube.

Extra photos from our time out in the field can be viewed on the SOWC Flickr.

It was very validating to see our research team getting some attention. Any way to better inform the public, especially in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, about groundwater and watershed health sounds excellent to me! Courtesy of the SOWC Flickr, here is a photo of our summer research crew out in Alder Creek.

watershed team


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